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About Me

Opening a cake business is not something that I just woke up and decided one day at the age of 24. Baking has always been a passion of mine, it started very young cooking with my Nonna, Nella whom I am named after. Over the years I developed my own rhythm for cooking, baking for family birthday parties, and baking for my tutoring students until mum banned me for tripling the gas bill (whoops). It then progressed into making cakes for family and friends. Birthdays, engagements, parties… any excuse for cake really. I have been making cakes progressively more over the past five years, working towards the time when it would be best to open my business. After feeling unhappy in my teaching career, and my need to start this venture growing, here I am, taking a big leap toward my cake dream.

My Cakes

My motivation to really start this business, was after eating one too many frozen and packet mix celebration cakes. Cakes will always be baked within two days of consumption, meaning they are super fresh. No cakes are frozen, which means any left over cakes (if for some reason it doesn’t all get demolished) can be frozen. My skill set is increasing every day, and if you want a technique I do not currently know, I will learn.